This is a blog where I post my thoughts on what I read – literature and poetry of any and all kinds, anything that I can lay my hands on, and everything that I find interesting. There is no pattern to my posts and I expect that I shall often contradict myself, because after all, my reading aims to be large and to contain multitudes.

Welcome. I hope you find something that interests you, and I hope that you stay to discuss, debate and disagree.

On email: gautambhatia1988@gmail.com.

3 responses to “About

  1. Priya

    Hey, are you the Gautam Bhatia from Oxford? I know one, and was wondering if this is him. Really like the blog!

  2. Rahul kedia

    why don’t you start your own youtube channel and share your views on that weekly or educate people regarding constitutional issues or anything you like. would love to hear you and if you don’t have that much time may be biweekly you can but do think about it

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